The Academic Programmes at Pavithra is comprehensive so as to enable the students to develop intellectually and attain growth in personality. The prescribed syllabus aside, there are additional resources and infrastructure provided for the students to attain maximum developments. Regular and adequate assessment of the students is part of the academic programme.

Kinder Garten:

"The beginning is the most important part of the action" - Plato

A child's impressionable young mind needs to be shown the right path from a nubile age, because the foundation decides the future. The kinder garten section at Pavithra sets in stone the foundation of exemplary values and basic learning early in each students mind aiding them to achieve eminence later in life. The teacher treat each child as their own, giving them the love and care a mother could provide.

Primary Section:
The primary section of the school is instrumental in recognizing the hidden treasure of potential in each young student. Studying the wavering and resident steps of the students, the teachers in primary section are no less than parents. Instilling the students with moral values, and promoting overall development, the primary section lays stronger foundation in developing right character. An array of activities infused with a compact and wholesome curriculum provides innumerable opportunities to the students to have their talents and mature into confident young boys and girls.

The Secondary School:
The program prepares students thoroughly to face the Class x examination with regular assignments, projects, extra classes that enable the students to achieve good results.We mainly focus on
  • • Developing Skills & Attitudes for Life Long Learning.
  • • Develop Critical Thinking.
  • • Effective Communication , Experiential learning, essays, debates and practical work.

We offer a perfect balanced blend of practical experience and theoretical knowledge.Various educational skills like recall of knowledge, teamwork, problem solving etc., are developed in this course. The course offers the best-integrated education. Being in pace with the changing needs, it regularly updates and extends the curriculum.

AcademiLevels Subjects offered
Pre primary - nursery, LKG & UKG Honing fine motor skills & gross motor skills Enhancing eye hand coordination Introduction to basic English language structure Acquiring social skills Primary basic arithmetic & environment science
Primary - classes 1 to 3 English, Second language (Kannada), Maths, Science, S.Science
Classes 4 to 7 English, Second language(Kannada), Third languages (Hindi),Maths, Science, SST, ICT
Classes 8 & 9 Kannada, English (Second language), Hindi (Third language), Maths, Science, Social Science, ICT
Classes 9 to 10 Kannada, Second language (English), Third language ( Hindi), Maths, Science, Social Science.